Can Your Business Benefit from Cloud Based Software?

Moving from locally hosted software to cloud based software can not only expand the software capabilities and data space of a business, but it can dramatically reduce costs. Cloud based computing can have many other benefits to both small and large businesses while offering more options and unlimited data space.


Cloud-based computing software can have many advantages over hard-wired or local networks due to the increased data sharing power that it brings to businesses. Data storage can be nearly unlimited. Local server space can be eliminated and used for other purposes. Cloud based computing can also share specialized and experienced technicians between companies to improve system security and offer training and support.


Not only can most software be used on cloud based systems, but there are numerous solutions for business that are available only on the cloud. This can include collaboration and networking tools. Cloud based software can also be friendlier to the environment since multiple businesses and organizations are sharing space. The danger of losing systems and resources due to natural disaster or catastrophe can be almost eliminated as data can be backed up in multiple locations.


The mobility of cloud based software may be its greatest asset. Programs can be accessed from any location and on most devices. The same functions that a business conducts locally can be accessed and used from almost anywhere in the world. Companies which offer specialized software for different industries can offer direct support without the need for a trained technician at a business location.


As businesses grow, they can find the scalability of cloud based computing a benefit as they only purchase the space and access they need. As many users as needed can access the software and data without worry of overloading the system. Multiple applications can be run at a time without a slowdown to local systems. Technical support can be virtual and specialized to each type of software.


Just as cloud based computing software access is scalable, the cost is often scalable as well. Businesses only need to purchase the amount of space and access they need. Because of the shared systems, the cost can also be reduced as companies share in the cost of the servers and technical support. System updates and service can be offered by technicians without requiring local access.

The biggest drawback to switching to cloud based computing software may simply be in the transition. Though the switch to some cloud based software may require new methodologies and training, the benefits may far outweigh the negatives.

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