An Effective, Simple Consumer Financing Option for Your Business

The consumer finance program at SkyPass Capital is perfect for business owners who offer financing to their customers. If your business sells a service or product below $10,000, our program can provide financing to your customers so that you can continue to generate revenue. If you desire, our company can also purchase any retail installment contracts, loans, or revolving credit agreements that you have accumulated over the years.

Benefits of Our Consumer Financing Program

Offering consumer financing through SkyPass Capital can provide you with a wealth of benefits. Some of these benefits include the following.

  • E-Signature Abilities
  • Immediate Approval and Credit Processing
  • Tiered Pricing Options
  • Flexible Interest Rates for Borrows

Our program can finance customers with FICO scores of 580 and above, even if your existing credit provider has turned them down before. We regularly work with all types of businesses, and many business owners enjoy choosing from our wide range of creative financing options.

Start Your Application

When you offer financing through us, you will ensure that your customers have access to their favorite products or services. You will also be able to provide financing to customers who have been previously turned down for credit. Reach out to SkyPass Capital to start the application process.