How to Acquire the Equipment Your Company Needs

As a business owner, you probably understand that the quality of your equipment strongly impacts the quality of your services or products. The need to keep current and functioning equipment is great, especially in the medical, production, and industrial industries. Here at SkyPass Capital we offer equipment financing and leasing options to enterprising business owners. Without the proper equipment, it will be difficult to provide your customers or clients with the best products or services possible.


Our equipment financing option is ideal for individuals who wish to purchase a piece of equipment outright. SkyPass Capital can help virtually any type of business, and our financing products come with the following benefits.

  • Quick Application Approval Times
  • Flexible Repayment Terms
  • Competitive Interest Rates

Financing is available to businesses that have been in operation for two or more years. If you are just starting out, you may want to consider our equipment leasing or Startup Program instead.


Contrary to popular belief, businesses of all sizes and types lease equipment. Leasing is a wonderful option if you are starting out, experiencing financial difficulties, or simply interested in having access to the latest and greatest technology. The benefits of leasing include the following.

  • Preserve Your Existing Line of Credit
  • Low Payments
  • Competitive Terms and Rates
  • Low Upfront Costs
  • Fixed-Payment Option
  • Tax and Accounting Advantages

Leasing also reduces the amount of your own capital that you have to spend on equipment. We lease equipment to all types of small businesses, large corporations, educational institutions, and government organizations.

We Can Help You Get the Best Equipment

Whether you decide to lease or finance, SkyPass Capital can help you acquire the most up-to-date and popular equipment in your industry. If you are interested in our equipment offerings, please contact one of our certified associates today.