Heal Patients and Boost Your Budget

At SkyPass Capital, we’re dedicated to the success of private practitioners. Whether you’re a dentist, physician, vet or pharmacist, talk to us about your current operation. Our healthcare financing program offers custom solutions for equipment, buy-ins, real estate and more. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about risking your personal credit score.

Working Capital

Healthcare providers often face last-minute costs, and we’ll front you the funds you need for up to 72 months. We require no initial payment, and you can use the cash wherever you need it.

Equipment Loans

The best patient care requires the best equipment, so keep your profession up to date with SkyPass Capital. We’ll let you borrow 50% of the cost for new equipment, including diagnostics, supplies, patient chairs and more.

Buy-In and Property Loans

Extra space is critical when you’re increasing your patient load, and if you’re bringing on new staff, you need the room to expand. Talk to us about your plans, and let us handle the logistics. That way, you get more time with your patients and less time with the books.

Pre-Qualify Today

Whether you’re expanding, acquiring or consolidating risk, don’t let revolving debt keep you from practicing the way you were trained. Call SkyPass Capital today for a free consultation.