Fund Your Growth With Purchase Order Financing

Filling orders is difficult when your inventory is low, and when you’ve got an active sales team, you need a way to keep up. Purchase order financing from SkyPass Capital gives business owners an easy solution to the common cash flow dilemma. Plus, we work with retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and more.

How It Works

If you’re like most small business owners, you don’t always have enough cash to cover the cost of doing business. This means you miss out on sales, deals and lucrative growth opportunities. When you qualify, we pay the inventory cost to your suppliers in exchange for a percentage of your orders. We’ll assume the invoice, retain a fee and forward you the remaining amount upon collection. Our options are designed for all types of businesses, and we work directly with our customers and the specific industries we serve.


  • Bigger market share
  • Funds for imports, exports and domestics
  • Larger profits from larger orders
  • Options for poor credit
  • Improved delivery time
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • No loss in equity

Call For a Free Consultation

Purchase order financing is an ideal solution for new business owners and companies with average credit profiles. Our rates are low, and our model is simple. Plus, you enjoy flexible terms and quick access to your funds. Call SkyPass Capital today.