How to Make your Next Fix and Flip Stand Out

Most neighborhoods have a landmark house that everyone knows about and uses to give directions to other places.  For example, “Turn right at the hamburger house….” Whether you have seen it before or not, you recognize it the moment you do because of the yellow and red paint that instantly remind you of ketchup and mustard. These landmark homes stand out, but not in the way you want when it comes to fix and flips. You want to be the home that everyone remembers for its style and class. So, how do you achieve such recognition?

Curb Appeal

The first thing a potential homeowner is going to notice is the front of the house and how it appears from the curb. Is the lawn neatly trimmed? Are there trees, bushes, or flowers that draw the eye and add character to the home? What about the front door? Does it blend in with the rest of the house or is there a pop of color that helps the home appear more welcoming and friendly? By adding a little color to your fix and flips, you have a better chance of catching the attention of potential buyers and making a more memorable impression.

Fresh Paint

A new coat of paint goes a long way. Who doesn’t appreciate clean walls and fresh color? Although the majority of new home owners will repaint shortly after moving in, fresh paint gives a feeling of cleanliness and may subconsciously make potential buyers feel like your home has less work that will need to be done than other homes that do not have fresh paint.

Sellers often feel like the paint they use needs to be beige or white, just like every other home in the neighborhood. Don’t get stuck in that same train of thought. Stick with neutrals, but don’t be afraid of light blues, yellows, grays and even greens or purples. Add some accent colors to doors, shutters, and trim. A little color will brighten up the space and set it apart from all the other homes.


While watching overhead is important, cheaper is not always better- even on fix and flips. Potential buyers will notice cheap hardware, lighting and fixtures. Spend a little extra and let the quality speak for itself.

Make it stand out – in a good way.

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